How to be More Creative Everyday: Uncanny Creativity 27

With a little imagination, you can make creative thinking a daily habit. I’ve talked about creative writing before, and beyond that we can just write out our thoughts. Keep a journal on your phone or on paper. Trying means occasionally failing. Notice your failures and practice being okay with it. It’s no big deal. Fear of failure is something that prohibits all of us from failing. Look for inspirations from your heroes, admire their work and vicariously live with through them. This is a great opportunity to say dream! Find little new things you can do. Even just using new words. Language is a powerful thing.

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Uncanny Creativity is an art productivity podcast helping you to be more imaginative everyday. Hosted by Brian E. Young, a magazine art director and artist in Baltimore, Maryland.

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Brian E. Young is a graphic designer and artist in Baltimore, MD.

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