Graphic Designers, here’s how make your client relationships better

“In a book about an octopus, Tomi Ungerer purposefully gave the octopus seven tentacles. He said so many kids would have the pleasure of calling it to his and our attention” Ursula Nordstrom

When clients call or email with an edit, I like to react with almost too extreme gratitude. Usually, they’re ready to justify or perhaps thinking I’ll be defensive. It’s more practical to encourage them to please freely give details so I can do my work.

Connect. We learn more from each other when we feel safe:

  1. Rather than suffer, accept vulnerability as a reminder to solve one’s own problems and develop self-reflective awareness
  2. Rather than lash out, accept the priority of casual clarification and direct assertiveness without blame, criticism, or accusation.
  3. Rather than play hero, accept the skill of showing concern without fixing. Encourage others to develop and practice their own life tools.

Listen to more about Ursula Nordstrom on Gretchen Rubin’s podcast: A Little Happier: Sometimes, Flawed Can Be More Perfect Than Perfection.

Brian E. Young is a graphic designer and artist in Baltimore, MD.

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